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Draw-The-World Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
I'm This Unexcited 
0-DarknesShade-0 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
Okay... i just read about Psyguy and... err... one- i don't believe, tumblr is the birthplace (one of) of internet drama, two- i really do not care for this and i am not a bit angry/disgusted by him... and three- I STILL LIKE PSYGUY! WTF HAPPENED PEOPLE???
JoeStronger Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member
I believe it, because for one, most of the testimonies came from people Psy personally knew, like Liz, Shan, and Filthy to name a few. Not to mention the bucket loads of evidence against him, screencaps, chat logs, some older than 8 years. His victims have been afraid to speak up because Psy always had someone bigger or more famous by his side to try and deflect everything.

Another thing to note is Psy never liked to admit he was wrong, which isn't that bad on it's own, if he didn't deflect the blame to everyone else. It's never HIS fault, it's always someone else, he'd say. Everyone was too afraid to speak up against him.

Furthermore, if he was never guilty, where'd he go? You'd think an "innocent guy" would have nothing to hide. Not that he could really hide anything. "Innocent people" do not stalk the blogs of their victims.………

Then again, you "don't really care for this" so that's all you need to justify that this is "just internet drama".

I'll just leave all this "drama" here then...


Here's the link to the masterpost of Psyguy's Actions:…

The link to personal testimonies from the people Psyguy has abused and victimized:…

The link to other people who are poorly trying to defend Psyguy's awful actions:…

The link to the testimony from CrikeyDave's victim (because he's not innocent either):…
0-DarknesShade-0 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Okay... i admit that i was wrong... but i did not say i approved what people said he has done (Because i only thought it he WAS those things but didn't do any of those things (which is fine by me) ) so, i apologize and changed my mind... BUT I Still can't dislike him, i know it's something horrible... but i'm just not mad... =( sorry!
JoeStronger Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member
Let me tell you something. I liked Psyguy too, I'd listened to Wha-Chow for years, and I even went to Youmacon to meet him in person last year and got his autograph.

However, I'd also noticed that through the years, the cast of Wha-Chow would cycle, and Psy was increasingly concerned about the "cost of the show". He'd be more concerned with getting someone famous on the show rather than talking to old friends, and was never concerned insulting his own friends, and trying to plug something he was working on. I tried to pay no mind to it.

As soon as Cailen and Niro left, I was concerned, and didn't know why all these new people like Gabby or Frob were coming in (although I liked Frob before I found out that he's just another of Psy's art puppets), and I just drifted away from everything. Truth be told, by the time I went to Youmacon last year to meet him, I hadn't really listened to Whachow since 2011.

Now let's rewind to a few months ago, when the truth came out about what he did. I had seen a video get passed around (this one…, and I had tried to ignrore it, because "No way, it can't be true", but life's too short to wonder, so I clicked it and opened it.

As soon as I heard Shannon, everything started to click. I had remembered Shannon, when she was on the show, and worked on the comic, all the weird comments made about her sexuality and other gross sexual things (and mind you she's 18 NOW and these were made years ago, when she was UNDERAGE). So I had decided to read the rest of the callout blog.

The reason for the ever rotating cast of Wha-Chow? Psy couldn't take it when someone criticized him, and would scare off anyone that tried to call him out with more famous friends and bullshit legal threats. Financial concerns for the show? Bullshit. Psy's well off; he lives off a bunch of donations from his parents, who made it big years ago as oil tycoons.

I had felt so betrayed, so infuriated at his treatment of some of my favorite cast members, that I had taken that autograph, and lit it up, and BURNED IT. I can safely say that's one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

So the moral of the story is don't forget that your idols are still human, and can still fuck up and be a vile piece of trash like any other human can be.
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