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March 5, 2010
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Nickelodeon Vs. Capcom by Psyguy Nickelodeon Vs. Capcom by Psyguy
1) For more check out [link]

2) I mean - seriously. Anyways, back in the saddle for coloring. Shading the 2nd panel felt like such a cop-out but for the scene it really called for it. /SHRUG

3) Lines by :iconsupadave-3: - colors and script by me.
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These kind of pieces are always hard to critique, because there are various aspects to this piece. Do we just critique your coloring as it stands by itself, and the written aspect of the comic, or consider it side by side with Dave's drawings? Do we judge this comic by itself, or in comparison to the comic's own growing history?

For simplicity I'll just grade the final product and not reflect on the individual aspects mentioned, though I'll try to briefly mention as I can.

To begin, the piece itself it an easy to grasp concept. No frills hilarity on the comical exploitation of these licensing cross-overs. I can really just imagine the conversation that probably started this and it seems like from there you really managed to bring to life the complete lucidity of the situation.

Now this joke as a concept doesn't escape the similar set-ups offered by the other gaming comedians, but the direction you managed to take it in uncompromisingly really helps set it a notch above the others and make an identity of its own.

Rendered fairly simply, in terms of effects, background, panel layouts, and general coloring/shading, especially when compared to some of the series best, it still manages to a leave an impression despite that. Thus showing just how strong your work is even when not breaking new grounds of artistic excellence. Its cleanly executed, mixes perfectly with the subject matter, and manages to again hold a bit of that flair to put it in a league of its own with such aspects like Dave's painted characters, and your use of Photoshop effects (simple though they may be) to help pull the composition together.

Your approach to gaming humor clearly shows no sign of slowing yet. Really it seems GG Guys will only end not because you had to, but because you wanted it to.
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:rofl: Super awesome!!!!!!!!!! =D
Saber334 Feb 28, 2011
I think Nickelodeon vs Cartoon Network would be way awesomer.
Hey wait a minute if this is Nickelodeon vs. Capcom then that means Megaman would be in an epic battle with his own knockoff, Tak Twacy of Tak and the Power of Juju.
While I agree that it's gettin ridiculous, there's no greater satisfaction than kicking someone's ass with Roll.
I was thinking Disney vs. Capcom in my mind ever since Disney bought Marvel.
Team Spiderman/Jack Sparrow FTW! XD
the psyguy.... hum. not as big a turd as i have heard.
Jeez, hopefully it never happens XD And lol at Tommy XD
walkyofmilwaukee Apr 21, 2010
Okay, that's pretty fucking hilarious. (=C)
I only have one question
can you turn the bottom panel into a wallpaper
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